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Hong Kong Tusktail

Scientific name: Fukienogomphus choifongae

Habitat: woodland stream with sandy substrate or muddy puddles 

Body length: abdomen length 37-39 mm

Distribution in Hong Kong: Wu Kau Tang

Flight period in Hong Kong: April to June

Identification features: 

1.  A pair of disconnecting stripes on dorsum of synthorax, like a broken “7”

2. Three complete yellow stripes at two sides of synthorax

3. The last yellow stripes in synthorax connect with the yellow spot on the ventral of the 1st to the 3rd abdominal segment

4. Broader vertical yellow spot on the 2nd abdominal segment

5. The 3rd to 7th abdominal segment with thin vertical stripes, and the stripes in the 4th to 7th abdominal segment in male unobvious

6. The 7th to 9th abdominal segment swollen in male

7. Superior anal appendage white and flat, and inferior appendage with large split angle in male

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