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Blue Percher

Scientific name: Diplacodes trivialis

Habitat: marsh, pond

Body length: 29-32 mm

Distribution in Hong Kong: widespread, e.g. Luk Keng, Long Valley, Po Toi

Flight period in Hong Kong: throughout the year

Similar species: Blue-tipped Percher (Comparison: female)

Identification features (male):

1. Synthorax and the 1st to the first half of the 7th abdominal segment pruinose pale blue

2. The latter half of the 7th to the 10th abdominal segment black

3. Anal appendages white

Identification features (female):

1. Synthorax and abdomen yellow, with black stripes

2. Dorsum of synthorax with black vertical stripes, but not connecting to form m-shape on dorsum front

3. Very small amber spot on wingbase of hindwings

4. Anal appendages white

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