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Marsh Skimmer

Scientific name: Orthetrum luzonicum

Habitat: marsh

Body length: 38-45 mm

Distribution in Hong Kong: Widespread, e.g. Luk Keng, Yung Shue O, Mui Wo

Flight period in Hong Kong: April to November

Similar species: Common Blue Skimmer, Mangrove Skimmer, Lesser Blue Skimmer (Comparison)

Identification features (male): 

1. Frons bluish white

2. Eyes bluish green

3. Synthorax and abdomen pruinose blue in mature individual

4. Wingbase of hindwing without apparent spot

Identification features (female):

1. Synthorax and abdomen mainly yellowish brown

2. Synthorax with brown antehumeral stripe

3. Anal appendages white

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