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Blue Sprite

Scientific name: Pseudagrion microcephalum

Habitat: pond, slow-flowing stream

Body length: 38-42 mm

Distribution in Hong Kong: Scatteredly distributed in the New Territories, e.g. Hong Kong Wetland Park, Sham Chung, Tan Shan River, Mai Po

Flight period in Hong Kong: March to December

Similar species: Eastern Lilysquatter (Comparison: male)

Identification features (male):

1. Postocular spot connected with the transverse stripe on the vertex

2. Synthorax blue

3. Black spots at the dorsum of 2nd abdominal segment small

4. The 8th to 10th abdominal segment mainly blue

5. Square-shaped black spots at the dorsum of 10th abdominal segments

Identification features (female): :

1. Three light brown stripes at dorsum of synthorax

2. Abdomen end with blue spots at some individuals

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