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Guangdong Hooktail

Scientific name: Melligomphus guangdongensis

Habitat: woodland stream

Body length: abdomen length: 35-37 mm

Distribution in Hong Kong: Scattered in Hong Kong, e.g. Tai Long Wan (Shek O Country Park), Sai Kung Luk Wu, Nam Fung Road, Tei Tong Tsai, Lau Shui Heung

Flight period in Hong Kong: April to August

Similar species: Hainan Hooktail, Chinese Hooktail (Comparison)

Identification features: 

1. Dorsal carina without yellow stripe 

2. Two yellow stripes at two sides of synthorax respectively; Apparently disconnected thin yellow between thick yellow spots

3. Large white spot on the 7th abdominal segment

4. Superior anal appendage and inferior anal appendage form a “C” in male

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